Non-Magnet Choice Programs


Miami-Dade County Public Schools is listening to you.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is known for innovation in education. We have been a leader in Choice programs for decades and continue to develop and implement cutting-edge models for delivery of curriculum that will prepare our students for the businesses of tomorrow while utilizing emerging technologies. These models include non-traditional grade configurations, commuter schools that do not restrict students and parents to boundaries, virtual instruction, single-gender instructional environments, as well as educational models housed within various business settings through unique partnerships. Included here is a brief overview of some of those models.

iPrep Academy PreK-12

As Miami continues to expand, iPrep Academy has continued providing a stellar education for all students. We have responded to the apparent need for a Pre-K through 12th-grade school that will offer a personalized, technology-rich learning experience at the School District’s administration building near downtown Miami.


Cambridge International Examinations

In response to the growing need for college-ready students, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has implemented 80 Cambridge Programs in 70 schools including elementary, middle, and high schools. The world’s finest universities and employers recognize these rigorous, integrated educational programs that continue to highlight M-DCPS as a national leader in K-12 international educational programs.


Number of Choice Programs for all grades

Number of Magnet Schools in Miami-Dade


Students Enrolled in Choice Programs

National Magnet Merit Awards

At a Glance

Miami-Dade County Public Schools offers a wide variety of curriculum choices. Magnet schools/programs allow you to elect out of an assigned boundary school. Most Magnet schools/programs specialize in a specific area of interest and offer our students the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential. There are Magnet schools/programs for students as young as four years old.

Magnet Schools

Magnet programs offer unique courses of study focusing on students’ special interests, talents, and abilities. Magnet programs are available to students under the following six themes of study:  International Programs,  Liberal Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medical &Health Sciences),  Virtual Offerings,  Visual & Performing Arts

Public/Private Partnerships

As an alternative to educational choice options for families, Miami-Dade County Public Schools recognizes the value in developing collaborative relationships with businesses and organizations in our community. Satellite Learning Centers and Charter Schools are public and private partnerships that bring different resources together to support the educational success of all students. At the forefront of school choice in the United States, Miami-Dade created the first-ever District-Managed Charter School. This unique model allows for a private operator to run a school using public funds and managed by the School Board of Miami-Dade County. Leveraging the experience and resources of the fourth largest school District in the U.S. coupled with the independence and autonomy of private operators to make their own decisions makes for a winning combination.

Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international education programs and qualifications for five to 19-year-olds. CIE is a not for profit organization and part of the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s top universities and trusted for excellence in education. Recognized by the world’s universities and employers CIE provides students with the best preparation for the next stage of their educational goals, university, and beyond.

Non-Magnet Academies & Career Academies

Career academies combine a college-preparatory curriculum with a career-themed focus. Entrance requirements linked with technical and academic courses meet high school graduation and college benchmarks. Each academy’s theme is aligned directly to priority workforce needs of the community. Career academies combine conceptual learning with the relevant practical experience preparing students for both college and careers. Students enrolled in career academies follow a sequential program of study that leads to industry certification and opportunities to earn post-secondary credit and scholarships.

K-8 Centers

K-8 Centers are configured to include students from Kindergarten through grade eight in a small school environment. The K-8 Center offers a tightly aligned curriculum for grade six through eight students that may focus on a specific theme or curriculum. A K-8 Center middle grade experience is not meant to be the equivalent of a traditional middle school environment. The range of electives, honors, and high school level courses available at the traditional middle school may be limited at a K-8 Center because of the smaller number of students in grades six through eight. Physical education and athletics may also be limited.



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