M-DCPS District-Managed Charter Schools

At the forefront of school choice in the United States, the first-ever District-Managed Charter School was created in Miami-Dade. This unique model allows for a private operator to run a school using public funds and managed by the School Board of Miami-Dade County. Leveraging the experience and resources of the fourth largest school district in the U.S. coupled with the independence and autonomy of private operators to make their own decisions makes for a winning combination

Academy for International Education, K-5

1080 La Baron Drive, Miami Springs, FL 33166

AIE provides children with a personalized educational experience. The school provides small classrooms, an enriched and rigorous curriculum.  Students at AIE discover a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and security which soon evolves into a diverse and challenging academic environment. The classroom and learning meets the intellectual, social and physical needs of the students so that the classroom becomes a world of opportunities for student learning and the embracing of knowledge and a second language.  Students have the opportunity to work and learn from classmates of different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. They are part of small learning communities that allow students to explore their interests and participate in classes where academic achievement is celebrated. www.aiecharterschool.org

Academy for International Education Upper School for Science and Technology

1080 La Baron Drive, Miami Springs, FL 33166

Academy for International Education Charter has a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). The Upper School at AIE provides middle and high school students with personalized instruction, rich academic experiences, fulfilling extracurricular activities, and competitive interscholastic sports.


Downtown Doral Charter Upper School

8390 NW 53 ST Doral, FL 33166

Downtown Doral Charter Upper School’s (DDCUS) unique dual-language curriculum prepares students, grades 6 thru 12, to excel in a complex global society. Students have a choice of two tracks: Spanish or Portuguese. In addition, math, science and social studies are also taught in both English and the foreign language. All programs at DDCUS are facilitated by a highly qualified staff and delivered in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest technology. A model of innovation, DDCUS is an education built for the 21st century. Our graduates, fully bilingual and globally aware, are uniquely equipped to excel and lead. They are prepared for college. They are ready for the world. www.ddcus.org

Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School, K-5

8390 NW 53rd Street, Doral, Florida 33166

Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School’s mission is to provide our students with a comprehensive dual curriculum— Spanish and Portuguese— and bicultural/bilingual education through language acquisition and innovative programs, facilitated by a highly-qualified staff promoting students’ academic excellence creating future world leaders. www.ddces.org

SEED School of Miami

1901 NW 127th Street, Miami, FL 33167

At SEED Miami, our students live at the school from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon. Using the gift of time that comes with a 24-hour program, SEED reaches beyond the traditional school day and teaches students to thrive in a rigorous academic environment, to be ready for college, and to develop essential character traits for lifelong success—perseverance, self-confidence, and self-discipline. All of this happens in a safe, structured, and predictable environment—three healthy meals a day; consistent relationships with excellent role models; daily academic challenge and support; and extensive programs in athletics, visual and performing arts, and service. Students are held to strict performance standards and assessments to assure their progress toward college-readiness. miami.seedschool.org

South Florida Autism Charter School, K-12

3751 West 108th Street, Hialeah, Fl 33018

The mission of SFACS is to provide education and services to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) residing in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. We target students with ASD who have communication deficits and/or behavioral challenges, and who may require training in self-help skills. The methodologies of B.F. Skinner’s Theory of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB) are applied in conjunction with state approved standards for students on a modified curriculum in order to provide the most effective individualized educational programs possible.  Our objectives are to provide free, appropriate, and science-based educational opportunities to students on the more involved portion of the autism spectrum; to find each student’s strengths and provide them with the tools and hands-on learning opportunities that will enable them to function independently in society and have a purpose in life; and to remove the stigma associated with ASD and prove that even the most profoundly affected individuals can contribute to society in a meaningful way. www.sfacs.org

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