K-8 Centers

K-8 Centers are configured to include students from Kindergarten through grade eight in a small school environment. The K-8 Center offers a tightly aligned curriculum for grade six through eight students that may focus on a specific theme or curriculum. A K-8 Center middle grade experience is not meant to be the equivalent of a traditional middle school environment. The range of electives, honors, and high school level courses available at the traditional middle school may be limited at a K-8 Center because of the smaller number of students in grades six through eight. Physical education and athletics may also be limited.

Ada Merritt K-8 Center 
Phone: 305.326.0791

Air Base K-8 Center 
Phone: 305.258.3676

Charles R. Drew K-8 Center 
Phone: 305.691.8021

Coconut Palm K-8 Academy 
Phone: 305.257.0500

Frank C. Martin K-8 Center
Phone: 305.238.3688

Morningside K-8 Center
Phone: 305.758.6741

Linda Lentin K-8 Center
Phone: 305.891.4011

South Miami K-8 Center
Phone: 305.667.8847

Board Rule 2215.01 – K-8 Centers


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