Public/Private Partnerships Overview

As an alternative mechanism for providing educational choice options for families, Miami-Dade County Public Schools recognizes the value in developing collaborative relationships with businesses and organizations in our community. Satellite Learning Centers and Charter Schools are public and private partnerships that bring varied resources together in order to support the educational success of all students.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools in Florida are fully recognized as public schools. They are operated by, or organized as, nonprofit organizations typically run by a group of parents, teachers, municipalities, institutions, universities and/or a combination of more than one group.

Charter Schools are funded in part by the Florida Department of Education in the same manner as all other public schools in the state. Additional funding obtained through grants and private donations may also be utilized.

After visiting this site should you have additional questions, please contact the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Charter School Operations Office at 305-995-1403.


M-DCPS District-Managed Charter Schools

At the forefront of school choice in the United States, the first-ever District-Managed Charter School was created in Miami-Dade. This unique model allows for a private operator to run a school using public funds and managed by the School Board of Miami-Dade County. Leveraging the experience and resources of the fourth largest school district in the U.S. coupled with the independence and autonomy of private operators to make their own decisions makes for a winning combination.


Satellite Learning Centers (SLC)

Running a public school at the workplace is a revolutionary idea that Miami-Dade County Public Schools launched cooperatively with the business community and its teachers’ union.

Satellite Learning Centers (SLC) are the ultimate business/education partnership fostering numerous benefits for taxpayers, businesses, schools, parents, and children.

The Satellite Learning Center model is a simple one: the business provides the classroom space and related operational services at their facility; and the school system provides the teachers, instructional materials, and related educational program services. The centers employ the lead teacher concept advanced by the Carnegie Task Force on Teaching as a Profession. For each SLC a nearby elementary school is identified as the host school. The host school principal and the lead teacher jointly administer the center.

The nation’s first SLC opened in 1987 to serve the children and employees of American Bankers Insurance Group’s (ABIG) – operating now as Assurant Group, with corporate headquarters located in Miami.

The Satellite Learning Center program is a WIN-WIN situation for all parties. For the school district, the satellite helps to decrease capital outlay expenses and transportation costs, while contributing to student integration by reflecting the commonly heterogeneous population of the parents’ work environments. For the corporations it is an employee benefit to have their elementary-aged child nearby.

Recognizing the benefits of this model, the Florida Legislature approved a state statute which encourages cooperative development and use of satellite facilities, as well as providing local ad valorem tax exemptions for private companies establishing satellite learning centers.

Assurant Group (Grades K-5)
Phone: 305.256.3786

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